Wholesale & Retail Nursery

Wholesale & Retail Nursery

Mamabulanjin has established – Skuthorpe Nursery

Plant propagation and Gubinge plantation

Through propagation and planting activities participants gain valuable knowledge in conservation and land management, adding to the regions biodiversity and cultural heritage around native plants, this site supplies the plants required by the other projects whilst also developing the savannah enrichment style of planting (planting in natural bushland) adding to our growing Gubinge orchard.

The Nursery has been very busy with the green army activities, this was a great way to help with the many tasks that are required to run a commercial nursery.

We are currently installing new reticulation for another 3000 Gubinge trees this irrigation was funded in the same ILC grant that funded the crab creek irrigation system. We have employed a full time nursery manager to ensure the continuing success and capacity building of the nursery.

Mamabulanjin has established - Skuthorpe Nursery

Crab Creek

Water Corp sewerage ponds – Live seed bank

This project run in conjunction with Water Corp on a 20 year lease to MAC, the project is working towards creating a live seed bank of rare, endangered and valuable native plants.

The project is the first of its kind in the state and uses reclaimed water from the sewer ponds to reticulate the seedlings and cut down on the leaching of nutrients created by treated water so that it does not end up in roebuck bay and destroy seagrass that dugongs feed on and effect on the crustaceans that the migratory birds feed on the mudflats.

We have installed 20 hectares of reticulation in the months since March with funding received through ILC small land grant; this has given participants hands on experience on installing and maintaining reticulation systems and the planting and cultivating of native plants.

Mamabulanjin has established - Skuthorpe Nursery
Mamabulanjin has established - Skuthorpe Nursery


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