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The Nagula tour is a three-hour guided tour that provides visitors to Broome an understanding of culture, traditions and contemporary lifestyle for Aboriginal people of Broome.

Tours are conducted in the Roebuck Bay area or customised for a tour group, which you would learn about traditional food gathering, Bush medicines and bush survival skills and hunting techniques.

Also your guide will talk about traditional fishing methods (fish traps) and how to work a water hole, and then try out your own skills throwing a boomerang or a spear.
Followed with a morning tea at base camp and try our billy tea and Dampier.

Guides demonstration of crafts and traditional implements – coolamen, clap sticks, boomerang, digging sticks. Demonstration of body paints using ochre and charcoal.

Season between May and October ~ Min of 10 people – Max of 20 people

To make a booking please give us a call on 08 91921 662 or please talk to our CEO.


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