Outstation Services

Mamabulanjin was established in 1987 and has been around for more than 30 years. Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation has been servicing the outstations when the rollout of return to country was established throughout the Kimberley. Mamabulanjin serviced 72 communities over the last 30 years, but due to Federal & State funding, Mamabulanjin only services 32 outstations from Bidyadanga up to One Arm Point and community in between.

Mamabulanjin staff has the necessary skills to service, Our Municipal Services contract (MUNS) and maintain community with power stations, bores and solar systems, rubbish tips and maintain the fire breaks around the community. Our boys provide for essential services for the 32 out stations within the Kullarri region provide services such as breakdowns, call outs for emergencies, maintenance and repairs of all our 32 outstation.


For all enquiries please contact reception on (08) 9192 1662 OR email to mac.reception@mama.org.au / mac.fieldofficer03@mama.org.au …

Mamabulanjin Outstation photo

MAC Field Officer – Albert Dann

Mamabulanjin Outstation photo

MAC Field Officer – Bruce Dann

Mamabulanjin Outstation photo
Mamabulanjin Outstation photo


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